Full Moon Skincare is on a journey to to take care of your mind, body and soul because we believe baths are where you can truly relax, escape, and find your balance. We take inspiration from bathing rituals and traditions from around the world, source ingredients that are all natural and organic to help your skin.

The Inspiration Behind the Brand

2020 was an unprecedented year. For many, being at home for months took a severe toll on mental health, as the pandemic continued, people experienced severe mental health outcomes, such as social isolation, anxiety, and depression. At the peak of it all, I had insomnia and could not sleep is was one of the worst things ever.

So, I decide to create an environment for myself to take a warm, scented bath allowed me finally disconnect from technology, calm my anxious thoughts, relax my muscles, and soothe my bruised spirit. I started experimenting with herbal teas and organic ingredients in my own kitchen to create natural formulations that made me feel warm and nostalgic. After testing my first bath, I knew I was onto something. That day our Full Moon Skincare was born.

Mission & Vision

Full Moon Skincare is on a mission to make your bathroom your happy place.That means we will work hard to create beautiful rituals for you, whether that's sourcing aromatic teas, formulating the best herbal bath soaks, or curating the most relaxing playlist, we take your self-care journey seriously.